The 110 Piece Pack

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The 110 piece Belly Buster BBQ pack consisting of:

20 Lincolnshire Sausages

10 4oz Pork Loin Steaks

20 freshly baked Bread Buns

10 Chicken Drumsticks

10 Chicken Thighs

10 Chix on Stix

10 4oz Sausage Burgers

10 4oz Chicken Burgers

10 4oz Beef & Onion Burgers

PLUS 2 marinades of your choice (provided separately in bags so that you can decide which products to flavour!)


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Barbecue and Chinese, Barbecue and Garlic, Barbecue and Hot & Spicy, Barbecue and Jamaican Jerk, Chinese and Garlic, Chinese and Hot & Spicy, Chinese and Jamaican Jerk, Hot & Spicy and Garlic, Hot & Spicy and Jamaican Jerk, Jamaican Jerk and Garlic


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